Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Find?
Find is the app that finds the products at the nearest store and at the best price. Satisfaction for consumers, greater visibility and possibilities for traders and professionals.
Find is the allied app of consumers, traders and professionals.
2Is it free?
Find today is free. Traders and professionals can make paid promotions based on the costs of our rate plans.
3How does Find work?
Thanks to geolocation, the app will communicate to users the prices of the good or service they are looking for, with reference to the nearest stores or professional offices. Professionals, traders , managers or owners of shopping centers will be able to insert their activity within Find and be much more easily found by potential customers. With Find, customers save money , traders and professionals increase their business.
4How does geolocation in Find work?
Geolocation is the identification of the geographical point in which there is a mobile device. By taking advantage of geolocation, Find is able to identify the position of its users, making them closer to their interests.
5Why is it useful to download Find?
Find is dedicated to customers looking for a product at the nearest store and at the lowest price. .

Find helps retailers and professionals to make their business more visible and close to potential customers. 

 Find supports shopping centers providing: - precious statistics - the possibility to announce events and insert space maps - visibility The experience of customers and visitors will be improved, the shopping center will increase the turnover.
6Where can I download Find?
You can download Find on Play Store if the operating system of your smartphone or tablet is Android and on the App Store if you use an Apple device.
7How do I look for a store or a professional studio?

Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom right. You will see the search”” where you can type the good or service you are looking for. Immediately you will get results.
8I'm a retailer , how can I enter my business?

Select the item "Your activities" from the menu, then go to "New activity" and fill out the form.
9How can I register my shopping center/mall?

Just click on this link and follow the simple steps that will take you to register your mall. .

10How can I look for a shopping center/mall?
You can always use the search, through the magnifying glass, or from the menu select the item "Shopping centers".
11How can I contact a shop?
Select the shop you are looking for. Click on Call or send a message to complete the action that interests you.
12I have a commercial or professional activity. Can I contact my potential customers?
Yes. Thanks to the paid listings, you will be able to text those who are interested in your business.
13I have a commercial or professional activity. How can I highlight my offers, products or services?
For rates, go to the page dedicated to the Business Plan and look at our offer for sponsored ads. The service is free for the first year.
14I have a commercial or professional activity and I want to insert an offer related to a good or a service. How can I do?
From your page go to the green icon at the bottom right, then select the voice “ offer “ from the menu and fill out the form. You can also insert an image of the product.
15Is my data safe?

This is a point we care a lot about . We can guarantee that, thanks to our high security standards, your personal data will not escape from the Find circuit.